40 Hours for the Lord ~ Eucharistic Devotion (Adoration) on Nov. 17-19, 2016

at St. John Fisher Church

40 hour devotional at St. John Fisher Church for the end of the Year of Mercy…


Thursday, Nov. 17 at 7pm…Opening Mass

Thursday…8pm to midnight…Adoration

Friday, Nov. 18 …12am to 7am…Adoration

Friday at 7-8am…Mass, Rosary, Devine Mercy

Friday…8am to midnight…Adoration

Saturday, Nov. 19…12am to 7am…Adoration

Saturday at 7-8am…Mass, Rosary, Devine Mercy



Saturday…4:30pm…Vigil Mass

For more information, or to sign up for Adoration (1-hour time slots), contact Sister Dorothy Radoli 503.244.4945 x13 or dradoli@johnfisher.org

Mass Times

Saturday: 4:30 PM
Sunday: 9:00 (includes Children's Liturgy) & 11:00AM & 5:30PM
Daily Liturgy: 7:15 AM Mon - Sat.
Note: During the school year - there will also be a Weekly Liturgy on Wed. 8:30 AM

Holy Day Masses
7:15 AM and 6:00 PM & 8:30 AM during school year.

Saturday: 3:30 PM or by appointment

Baptisms and Weddings
Please call (503) 244-4945 ext. 10 to make arrangements for either. Most baptisms take place early Saturday and must be preceded by a preparatory session. Weddings require at least six months preparation.