CLOW (Children’s Liturgy)



Coordinators:  Andrea Jones and Denise Keppinger – parishioners and mothers of four children each!

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

** CLOW begins in September 2017 and ends with June 2018. **

Offered at the 9 am Mass for children ages 3-First Grade.  For more information on the program for Parents and Volunteers, please click HERE.  Volunteers are needed to make this important ministry a success.  Please contact Andrea at the email or phone number provided above.

Contact: Andrea Jones,, 503-957-4392

Program Goals

  1. To engender in our children a love for attending Mass at St. John Fisher, and foster their active and lifelong participation in the Catholic faith.
  2. To encourage families with young children to attend Mass on a regular basis.
  3. To create a welcoming environment for all families, especially those with young children.

Proposal: For 9 am Mass (11 am if volunteers permit) academic year only; excluding some Feast days

  • Children ages ~3-first grade invited up after the Gloria, return during the Prayers of the Faithful
    1. Beginning in second grade, children prepare for Sacrament of the Eucharist, and CLOW encourages full Mass participation
  • Trained volunteer parishioners lead instruction in the Parish Hall
  • Teach the liturgy at an age appropriate level: through song, story, magnet boards, skits, toys, games, arts, crafts; encourage participation and questions, fostering a deep love for Jesus and our faith

Training Plan / Logistics

  • All volunteers must take “Call to Protect” training (Andrea certified trainer as of 8/7/2013)
  • Minimum of two trained volunteers per class: one Teacher, one Assistant
  • Assistant volunteer will assist with restroom needs as necessary; if child is not potty-trained or self-sufficient in the stall, volunteer will return child to parent for bathroom duty
  • Logistics training/instructions provided – first class always paired with experienced instructor
  • CLOW team provides a 1-page Lesson Plan the Sunday afternoon prior to teaching as well as coloring page and/or craft as applicable
  • CLOW Lesson Plan will recommend activity to illustrate the reading: song, game, role-play, toy clues, craft, etc – Teacher may choose to come up with another appropriate activity if desired (i.e. different craft, storytelling method, etc). Teacher is responsible for plan/preparation in this case
  • Teacher and Assistant are responsible to leave Parish Hall in clean state – either immediately after CLOW, or after Mass (note: there will usually be Coffee & Donuts in the school on CLOW days as they follow the same schedule, so volunteers should have time to return to Parish Hall after Mass if needed for clean-up)
  • CLOW is in session over the Academic school year, and typically is not in session for school holidays or long weekends


  • 1 hour SJF Volunteer credit allowed for each class taught or assisted (time includes actual instruction/time with children, in addition to preparation /
    clean up)
  • Anyone who wishes to assist may volunteer and be trained! Usually this is mothers or fathers with CLOW-aged children, but also some grandparents or
    high school Juniors/Seniors
  • Minimum of 8 volunteers required in order for CLOW to fully function. Can do with less, but then there will be CLOW fewer weekends, as we request volunteers to commit to one weekend per month

For Parents / Children

  • Children must be potty trained or in a pull-up/diaper; volunteers will not change diapers
  • Parents welcome to accompany child or observe any time, for part or all of the children’s liturgy
  • If child(ren) are consistently disruptive or not following directions, they will be returned to their parent. Said child(ren) must then be accompanied by a parent for the next session of CLOW until s/he learns to behave appropriately in the children’s liturgy (as recommended by the instructor volunteer to
    CLOW leadership)
  • First-name attendance will be taken to help volunteers learn names, and to keep statistics on quantitative participation

Mass Times

Saturday: 4:30 PM
Sunday: 9:00 (includes Children's Liturgy) & 11:00AM & 5:30PM
Daily Liturgy: 7:15 AM Mon - Sat.
Note: During the school year - there will also be a Weekly Liturgy on Wed. 8:30 AM

Holy Day Masses
7:15 AM and 6:00 PM & 8:30 AM during school year.

Saturday: 3:30 PM or by appointment

Baptisms and Weddings
Please call (503) 244-4945 ext. 10 to make arrangements for either. Most baptisms take place early Saturday and must be preceded by a preparatory session. Weddings require at least six months preparation.